World Tuberculosis Day Awareness Messages and Quotes

World Tuberculosis Day is designated to spread awareness among the masses about the lethal disease tuberculosis (TB) and to ask the global leaders to take serious actions to control this disease because many people suffer due to TB throughout the world and thousands of them succumb to death also.

March 24 is observed as the World Tuberculosis Day by the global community under the leadership of the United Nations Organization (UNO) and its instrumental institution World Health Organization that has been established for health-related issues. TB has a long history of killing humans in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. The world has fed up with the deaths caused by TB therefore the global leaders have incarcerated a global plan to eradicate TB once and for all. The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution A/RES/73/3 that explains that the world community is committed to ending TB by 2030.

World TB Day theme 2022 is: Invest to End TB. Save Lives

Here we are with a few awareness quotes, messages  which you can forward to your people and spread awareness about tuberculosis.

World Tuberculosis Day Awareness Messages and Quotes


 One step towards treating TB can make a big difference.


Happiness is being able to breathe the air that is healthy

World Anti Tuberculosis Day

There are still so many people who need to be made aware of Tuberculosis.


Early detection and treatment can cure the biggest of diseases without any fuss


Love your lungs and hate the smoke. Spread awareness on this world tuberculosis day

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Let us help people suffering from Tuberculosis recover. Join hands together against TB.


Tomorrow is going to be too late, let’s take steps today and treat the diseases rightly

The right treatment at the right time is a dream for many and we need to turn it into reality.


The right treatment at the right time is a dream for many and we need to turn it into reality


Tuberculosis isn’t the end; it is the beginning of a life in which you fight it off like a true warrior


Do not forget the ones suffering from TB. They need you to be their side and help them come up


Life is for living and living isn’t for smoking. Spread the work and be aware of the deadly tuberculosis

We cannot be ever pulled down by the harshest disease. All we need is determination to fight it off with grit


We can join hands and eliminate TB. Nothing can stand in front of the determination of the human population


 “Humans are intelligent and let us act smart to ensure that the world is free from diseases such as tuberculosis.” -Unknown


Every breathe of yours is worth a million dollar smile of your loved ones. Keep TB away and live healthy

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World Tuberculosis day marks the efforts made by every government to come up with ways to beat this deadline diseases forever


“Life is for living and living isn’t for smoking. Spread the work and be aware of the deadly tuberculosis.” – Unkown

Let’s celebrate world tuberculosis day in a way that every patient becomes positive and sees life positively unlike before


World tuberculosis day marks the fact that every patient of TB is with support from people around the world and they aren’t alone


On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, we must wake up and work together to make this world free from TB.


Let us celebrate the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day by helping people recover from this disease and embrace a healthy life.


Nothing in life is more peaceful than being able to breathe in the fresh air without thinking of anything else. Keep TB out and good lungs IN


The shyness in people about diseases is what makes these diseases even more powerful. Let’s open up about Tuberculosis and try to educate people


 Every person wants to live healthily and the key to being healthy is to live a life that is free from any unhealthy habits. Let’s come together to fight against TB!


Tuberculosis is one disease that can take away so many good things from our lives. Let us make everyone aware of it. Together we can fight against TB and make this world free from its clutches.


We need to develop our immunity systems with the right diet so that when the time comes, there is no looking back and we can fight the diseases like the devil himself


“This is a mighty wonder: in the discharge from the lungs alone, which is not particularly dangerous, the patients do not despair of themselves, even although near the last. Concerning Tuberculosis.” – Aretaeus of Cappadocia

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