World Sparrow Day Quotes and Messages

World Sparrow Day Quotes and Messages…
World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20 every year. It a day to raise awareness and protect the common house sparrows, which are not so commonly seen now due to increasing noise pollution.

The theme for WORLD SPARROW DAY is I LOVE Sparrows. The theme has been inspired by the hope that more and more of us will celebrate the relationship between PEOPLE AND SPARROWS.

After all, we’ve lived in close harmony with these adorable little birds for 11,000 years. So, the main aim of the theme is to highlight the love that people have for sparrows and the seemingly small things that they do to make a big difference to sparrows. Through this year’s theme, we aim to highlight how citizens from different walks of life are making amazing differences and expressing their love for sparrows by telling the world the ways in which they are helping conserve sparrows.

World Sparrow Day Quotes and Messages

Happy World Sparrow Day.

 Save Sparrows, Save Nature

World Sparrow Day Quotes and Messages

Every life is worth something. Save lives, save sparrows. Happy World Sparrow Day.

Sparrows are very important for ecosystem. We must befriend the sparrows again and  save them.

Any morning filled with the sweet chirps of the sparrow is nothing but bliss.We all need this bliss back again. Happy World Sparrow Day.

It is time to wake up to the alarming rate at which sparrows are going missing from our surroundings. Happy World Sparrow Day.

 Our Childhood Friends from extinction. Keep Bowl of Water and Food Grains for these little Beautiful Creatures in Balconies and on Terraces.

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The need for marking this day was felt due to tremendous decrease in its population. Sparrow is on the verge of extinction. Save Sparrows, Save Nature

Birds are a lovely creature of God who can even bring you out of depression and other disorders simply with their chirping. Happy world sparrow day

The existence of this unique gift given by God is in crisis,let us all resolve to save it and contribute to maintain balance of the earth with the beauty of nature

Sparrow was known as the most friendly bird. The bond between humans and sparrows is 11,000 yr old. But now, it has been disappearing rapidly. Save Sparrows, Save Nature

Rapid urbanisation and rising noise pollution have disturbed the natural flora and fauna in our ecosystem.

Today as we observe World Sparrow Day, let us spread awareness about the conserving the not so common house sparrows around us.

World Sparrow Day Quotes and Messages

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