World Pharmacists’ Day Messages

World Pharmacists’ Day Messages

September 25 is World Pharmacists’ Day, and it was designated by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (IPF).

At the 2009 Council meeting a the FIP Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, the Turkish Pharmacists Association suggested to annually celebrate a World Pharmacists Day, to be organised on September 25 (the day that FIP was founded in 1912).

Pharmacists together with the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals give all the necessary medical care for patients.

The theme of World Pharmacist Day 2020 is “Transforming global health”.


 Happy World Pharmacists Day, we can make a world of difference!


Pharmacists help people not to get sick. Happy World Pharmacist Day.

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Greetings to all the pharmacists around the world on World Pharmacists Day.


Wishing all the distinguished pharmacists a World Pharmacists Day. We appreciate you!


A Pharmacist says we care for you and we say, thank you. Happy World Pharmacist Day.


Happy World Pharmacist Day to all the pharmacist friends and we have much to celebrate today.

Happy World Pharmacist Day! We are proud to have such caring Pharmacists for the patients.


Only a pharmacist has the art to read the prescriptions….. Wishing a very Happy World Pharmacist Day to you guys.


Cannot imagine patients without doctors and medicines without a pharmacist. Happy world Pharmacists day.


Today is World Pharmacist Day. The day dedicated to celebrate and appreciate the work of pharmacists.


I appreciate the pharmacists for their kind gestures and good works to the Nation and world at large. Happy world pharmacists day.


Pharmacists are an integral part of the critical care staff ensuring the patient’s safety. Happy Pharmacists Day.


We know we are always safe because we have a responsible pharmacist always at your services…. Best wishes to you on World Pharmacist Day.


The importance of such a day like World Pharmacists day, shouldn’t be undermined, it’s important to remember the work they do.


Whether it is cold or cough, flu or viral….. All thanks to our pharmacist who helps us in restoring our health…. Happy World Pharmacist Day to you.


This World Pharmacists Day, let’s pay our pharmacists their due wishes and salute them for helping patients. A very happy World Pharmacists Day to all of you!


Pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice, not only for patients but for many healthcare professionals. Happy World Pharmacists day.


Pharmacists are basic for safe, effective use of medicines. I am inspired by their dedication and passion for enhancing health all over the world.


On the occasion of World Pharmacist Day, I extend a warm thanks to the people who ensure that we stay healthy and happy with their dedication and hard work.


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