Tuesday Quotes and Messages

Tuesday Quotes and Messages

“Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” – Anonymous

“Tuesday! Worry less, live more.” – Anonymous

Good Morning Tuesday! Wishing you a blooming great day!

Rid yourself of negativity and have a positively. Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday means we’re a day closer to a weekend spent dreading Monday.

Good morning Tuesday! Monday is over, so let’s enjoy the rest of the week in peace.

Tuesday isn’t so bad…It’s a sign that I’ve somehow survived Monday.” – Anonymous

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Good Tuesday morning, Have a beautiful day and be thankful for the amazing quality you have.

Tuesday is a good day to reflect on the types of thoughts you are feeding your mind each day!

“Did someone order a bright and sunny day? Well…here it is. Happy Tuesday!” – Anthony T. Hincks

When Monday passed, we all become the graceful children of Tuesday. Happy Tuesday everybody.

May this Tuesday morning brings a small positive thought that would turn your day into a beautiful one.

 “On this Tuesday, remember that an attitude is contagious so remember to have a good one.” – Anonymous

“Happy Tuesday! Having even one, small positive thought can change the rest of your day for the better.” – Anonymous

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Happy Tuesday, May this day brings you lots of joyous moments and success and wipe out the tiredness of Monday.

“Instead of traveling on a weekend, begin your trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday, which are often the cheapest days to fly. Being flexible with timing can help with savings.” – Gillian Tans

You cannot change what happened on Monday, but you can change every moment of Tuesday because today is the day after Monday. Happy and prosperous Tuesday everyone.

Happy Tuesday! We are responsible for peace and order in our lives! When your world is CONSTANTLY filled with chaos, then it’s time to take a look at SELF! – Tracey Edmonds

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