Somalia Independence Day Wishes and Messages

Somalia Independence Day Wishes and Messages…
Somalia, after being colonized by the British for many years is now a free country. Somalia gained its independence on 1st July 1960 from Britain.

The Independence Day of Somalia is a national holiday observed annually in Somalia on July 1. The date celebrates the unification of the Trust Territory of Italian Somaliland and the British Somaliland on July 1, 1960, which formed the Somali Republic. A government was subsequently formed by Abdullahi Issa and Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal and other members of the trusteeship and protectorate governments, with speaker of the SOMALIA ACT OF UNION Abdulcadir Muhammed Aden as President of the Somali National Assembly, Aden Abdullah Osman Daar as President of the Somali Republic, On July 20, 1961 and through a popular referendum, the people of Somalia ratified a new constitution, which was first drafted in 1960.

Somalia Independence Day Wishes andMessages

Happy Somalia Independence Day!

Happy Somalia Independence Day May the flag of our country always fly high.

Somalia Independence Day Wishes and Messages

Happy Somalia Independence Day Today is a day to feel proud of being a part of this great nation.

Let your heart fill with pride and celebrate this joyous occasion of our Somalia’s Independence with your family, friends and our lovely citizens.

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May this day of Independence Day ignites the patriotic spirit in all of us. Celebrate this joyous occasion with the beautiful Somalis souls.

We all know that one cannot live without freedom, so live up to your fullest because it’s Somalia Independence Day. Wishing you a very high-spirited Somalia Independence Day.

After many years of being oppressed and labored, we have attained the freedom. Let this day of Somalia Independence remind us the value of freedom. Have a great day ahead.

Today is the day when we must boast out in the glory and forget the intense labor that our ancestors had gone through. Celebrate this Somalia Independence Day happily and peacefully.

We have fought for our liberties and the freedom of our civil constitution. On the eve of Somalia Independence Day, Let us all try to take our country a step towards greatness.

Somalia Independence Day Wishes and Messages

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