Shab e Barat Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Shab e Barat Quotes, Wishes and Messages..
Shab e Barat /Lailatul Barat is an important night in the Islamic calendar and it is celebrated in the mid of Shaban (on the night in between the 14th and 15th of Shaban). This is the reason why it is called Nisf Shaban. This blessed night starts at sunset on the 14th of Shaban and ends at dawn on the 15th of Shaban.

Shab e Barat is a night in the month of Sha’ban  (Mid-Sha’ban) which all of Muslims revere as the night of forgiveness, praying the complete night asking Allah (SWT) to bestow them with His blessings

Different countries have different ways of celebrating this day and each has a different name for it. In Iran, it is called Nim Sha’ban.Nisf Shaban is known as Shab e Barat or Shabe Barat in South Asia, especially in Sub-continent, Lailatul Barat/Baraat in Arabic, Nisfu Syaban (Malam Nisfu Syaban) in Indonesia and Malaysia and Berat Kandili in Turkey.

Lailatul Barat occurs in the middle of the month of Sha’ban, the month before Ramadan. It is considered one of the holiest nights on the Islamic Calendar.

Shab e Barat is a night that many Muslims revere as the night of forgiveness, praying the whole night asking Allah to bestow them with His blessings.

People stay up all night and offer voluntary prayers (Nafl) and do constant dhikr; asking Allah (SWT) to forgive any sins they might have committed in the past.

Lailatul Barat Quotes, Wishes and Messages

“There are five nights when the supplications (Duas) are accepted by Allah. These are (1) Friday night, (2) Night before Eid-ul-Fitr, (3) Night before Eid-ul-Adha, (4) First night of Rajab and (5) Night of Nisf Shaban.”   Imam Al-Shafi’ee:

“There are four nights in which gates of righteousness are opened, (1) Night before Eid-ul-Fitr, (2) Night before Eid-ul-Adha, (3) Night of Arafat (9th Dhul Hijjah during Hajj) and (4) Night of Nisf Shaban.”   Imam Malik:

“When it is the night of the middle of Sha’ban, spend its night in prayer and observe a fast on that day. For Allah descends at sunset on that night to the lowest heaven and says: ‘Is there no one who will ask Me for forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is there no one who will ask Me for provision, that I may provide for him? Is there no one who is afflicted by trouble, that I may relieve him?’ And so on, until dawn comes.” Rasulullah (saw), /  İbn Mâce, H. No: 1388

“O Allah, I seek refuge in Your pleasure from Your anger and in Your forgiveness from Your punishment, and I seek refuge in You from You. I cannot fully praise You, for You are as You have praised Yourself.” Müslim, Salât, 222

Shab e Barat

Shab e Barat Quotes, Wishes and Messages

May you all have a blessed Night of Barat.

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Happy Shab E Barat to All My Friends and Family and All Muslims…

Allah, this is a special prayer, make everything beautiful for me and my family. Shab e Barat Mubarak!

May He accept all your prayers and bless you with tons of happiness? Happy Laylat al Baraat Mubarak !

On this wonderful night, focus on prayers and remember to be thankful to Allah Pak with Nafal Namaz. Shab e Barat Mubarak!

I wish you will remember to pray for your fellow Muslims on this wonderful night. God will shower you and your family with abundant blessings.

I wish you a special night, please make sure you remember me in your prayers, make a special prayer to Allah on my behalf. Shab e Barat Mubarak!

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Please, Allah, Forgive Our Sins. May All of My Family  Members And Friends Have a Blessed Shab e-Barat.

On the Auspicious Occasion of Shab-E-Barat, Let Us All Raise our Hands in Prayers to Ask Allah for All His Blessings, Love And Forgiveness For Our  Actions That Did Not Go Right. ..

On this night of forgiveness, take time to figure out all the people who wronged you intentionally and unintentionally. Remember them in your prayers and forgive them.

My dear friend, I take this opportunity to seek your forgiveness. If I hurt you intentionally and inadvertently, then remember I stand to be forgiven. Happy Laylat al Baraat Mubarak !

Today is the night of approval, it is the night when the deeds of the whole human year are presented above and rewarded. Remember to keep us in your prayers this lovely night.

Shab-E-Barat night will be today, maybe I will be on the list of the people who will be with Allah this year, and maybe I may never see you again. That’s the reason I want to take this opportunity to say sorry for all the wrong deeds I did to you.

 There’s no love without forgiveness, there is no forgiveness without love, so my dearest, remember to forgive and forget. That’s not enough, people have wronged you, I know it hurts and maybe it made you hate them, if you take your time to forgive them, then love them and Allah will reward you abundantly.

Those who believe in Allah and the afterlife do not do injustice, do not oppress others, and do not commit violence.

Those who believe in Allah and the afterlife do not deviate from the truth even if their lives are at stake.

They could not kill a soul.

They do not intentionally harm any living being.

They cannot. They cannot harm their brethren even with their words.

Those who believe in Allah and the afterlife take the poor, the homeless, and the wretched under their wings.

They know how they feel. They offer them company and bring them remedy.

Laylat al Barat Mubarak !…

Let us not forget that the world is the crop field of the afterlife.

And everyone will determine their position there with what they have done here.

Then come!

Let us take advantage of the three holy months that we are in.

Let us lead a life compatible with the wisdom and purpose in our creation.

Let us make an effort to be able to turn our mortal, worldly life into eternal happiness and peace.

Let us throw envy, grudge, and hatred and plant love, compassion, and benevolence instead.

Let us become good servants to Allah, a good Ummah to our Prophet (s.a.w.), and good brothers and sisters to one another.

Laylat al Baraat Mubarak !…


The life entrusted to us by our Lord is rapidly coming to its end.

Each breath, each second brings us a little closer to the reality of death.

We are advancing towards the Day of Judgment where everyone will get precisely something in return for what they have done.

But are we ready for the hereafter which is a place of peace and prosperity for believers and a realm of regret and defeat for the deniers?

How much is the day of reckoning, the trial balance is involved in our life flow?

To what extent can we review our will on sins and good deeds, evil and good?

Or does the daily pursuit of life make us forget all that as it flows away?

Laylat al Baraat Mubarak !…

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