Save Soil Quotes

Save Soil Quotes

It’s time to stand for soil

Let’s save our planet, let’s save soil

There is No Plan B.  Save Soil is the only way out.

Take good care of Soil Soil health is our health!

It is time, we act now to regenerate mother soil

Let us make save soil movement global.each one reach one

This precious Soil beneath our feet embraces us in birth and death.

Let us live our life in such a way that soil wealth is not damaged

Soil is a source of life…let become conscious & save our source..

If soil is alive then we are also alive. So this movement is for every life on this planet.

Save Soil

Save Soil Quotes

Connecting with the source of life, is connecting with all life, let’s make it happen

Mother Earth, the Mother of all mothers; every life starts here, lives here and ends here!

The Journey For Soil is an effort to reignite Humanity’s connection with the source of our life.

An increase of 1% of organic matter in the top six inches of soil holds approximately an additional 20,000 gallons of water per acre.

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It’s not my, your, his, her or anybody else’s mission… it’s everybody’s mission, rather responsibility to stop soil extinction process..

Let’s reach out to as many people as we can. We owe this to our future generations and all lives on the planet. It’s their planet too!

We all come from soil and will go back to soil.let us make people aware of soil crisis and pledge to make save soil movement global

Save Soil Quotes

Whether its a blade of grass or insects or animals or humans.. Soil is the basis of all Life forms.. Our Soil. Our Mother. Our Responsibility Lets make it happen

There is no life without soil and no soil without life.On this earth day lets work hand in hand to build a better world for us and our future generation

Everyone needs to be fed properly, if we won’t take care of our soil and mother earth well, she won’t be able to feed us. Let’s pledge to Save Soil on Earth Day

Healthy Soil aid in the protection of the planet from Climate change. Right now the condition of Soil is bad and if nothing is done it will further deteriorate.Lets all come together and Save Soil.

The time has come for us to create the kind of world we want both for ourselves and for future generations. A healthy planet means healthy Soil. With the intent, responsibility and concern of dedicated citizens, we can turn the situation around.

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