Retail Employees’ Day Messages

Retail Employees’ Day Messages…
Conceptualized by TRRAIN & celebrated in partnership with RAI (Retailers Association of India)in India, Retail Employees’ Day is celebrated on the 12th of December every year, encouraging employers and customers to recognise the efforts of retail associates across the country and express gratitude for their untiring support. Making employees feel valued and striving to build genuine relationships with them can help create loyalty, boost performance and nurture positive attitude.

This initiative, which began as a small celebration with 20 retailers in 2011 in India has now grown to millions retail employees celebrating across 5 countries – India, Turkey, UAE, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Retail Employees’ Day Messages

Happy 12 December Retail Employees’ Day

We would like to thank all our store employees who work devotedly these days when we are fighting the pandemic. Happy 12 December World Retail Employees’ Day

Happy 12 December Retail Employees’ Day  to all our colleagues who work with great devotion with their energy, sincerity and smiling face.

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The next time you are in any shop, acknowledge their service with a smile, with a thank you or a namaskar. This is very important because during these pandemic times, they have exposed themselves, risking their lives just to ensure service is available to us at all levels,

“On this 11th anniversary of Retail Employees Day, I extend my warmest wishes and gratitude to millions of our associates in the retail industry, who toil day and night to serve the customer and create customer delight. This day is even more special this year, given the threat of Covid-19 pandemic and many setbacks we have faced, despite which our retail sector comrades have stood on duty day after day with a smile on their face. I salute their dedication, courage, and hard work, which is an inspiration for all of us.”

“If the year 2021 has taught us one thing, it is gratitude, especially towards frontline retail employees and retailers who provided us essentials in a time of need, all while risking their own health! This, 12th December, Retail Employees’ Day, we’re trying to create the world’s largest thank you movement to salute these frontline heroes. We as customers play an integral role to make this movement a huge success, and make an impact in the life of a retail associate with just two words – Thank You.”

“As we gear up to celebrate the Retail Employees’ Day on 12th December, I wanted to thank all the employees for being a part of the Retail family. This has been a challenging year on many fronts. With pandemic hitting the revenues of the industry and stores closing across the country, for a substantial period of time, we have faced many a hardship. Notwithstanding, some have taken the risk of working even during the peak pandemic only to ensure that essential needs of customers were met. I want to congratulate all of them for keeping customer centricity at core while representing the industry, brands, and engaging in conversations that help in a higher conversion to sales. I thank them for that and more.
Retail Employees’ Day Messages

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