Ramadan Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Ramadan Quotes, Wishes and Messages…
The holy month Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and a great opportunity for all Muslims to purify their mind, body, heart and soul by fasting and praying to Almighty Allah. Ramadan is not only for fasting but also all Muslims should dedicate themselves to self-sacrifice like abstain from taking drink or food and physical needs, asking forgiveness for their wrongdoings and devoting themselves to Allah.

Ramadan has reached with all of its mercies so we can beg, request, plead to God to attain Good health, wealth, prosperity, and guidence for our selves and our loved ones. As we know Allah has no benefit from our being hungry but he want’s us to be more pouis, more kind , more restrained, so we can feel the pain of our fellow beings

Ramadan Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Ramadan is the high time to purify your soul along with body


May Allah bless you in this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak.


Ramadan Mubarak! May this holy month bring peace all over the world!

Ramadan Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Ramadan Mubarak dear friend. I hope this Ramadan brings you happiness.


Ramadan Mubarak. I wish you a blessed and prosperous Ramadan.


“Jesus said ” and indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord so worship him”   Quran 19:36

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Ramadan is on the way, so talk politely, be kind to others and practice good deeds


Fasting men and fasting women, God has prepared forgiveness and a splendid wage.



“This beautiful and blissful Ramadan, I want the entire humanity to be safe, happy and peaceful.”


Live this Ramadan as it is your last one, pray attentively to get higher rank in Jannah.


With the beginning of Ramadan, May Allah turns your home into a place of love and happiness!


Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah give you all the happiness and success and guide you to the right path.


“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. so that you may learn self-restraint. Quran 2:183”


Do not just live Ramadan with empty stomach live it fully with patience, forgiveness, kindness, and love around you.


“Prayer is the primary source of nourishment for the soul.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

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Allah give us a chance to perform all the Ramadan Taraweeh (Night Prayer) prayers with full devotion and courage.


The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah has made fasting in Ramadan obligatory, and I have made the special prayer of Ramadan (i.e. the Tarawih) a Sunnah”.


The month starts with mercy and blessings, going with forgiveness and ends at freedom from hellfire, is the only one Ramadan, Happy Ramadan.


“Ramadan is the month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom from fire. ” ~ [Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)]


When the evils get banned, and the doors of hell are closed, that is the month of Ramadan, pure blissful and packed of blessings around.


“In His infinite mercy, Allah has sent the light of Ramadan to erase the night. He has sent the month of the Qur’an so that He might elevate us and bring us from our isolation to His nearness.”

 Yasmin Mogahed


“(Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew”

 [Quran /al-Baqarah, 2:184]

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