Quotes About Insurance

Quotes About Insurance

America doesn’t have health insurance.
Joe Biden


Health insurance should be a given for every citizen.”


“Term life insurance is a good defensive game plan”
Dave Ramsey


“Taking care of your body is insurance for your soul.”
Toni Sorenson


“Insurance takes care of only injuries not emotions.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words


“Both terrorism and insurance sell fear — and business is business”
 Liam McCurry, Terminal Policy


“Fun is like life insurance; the older you get, the more it costs.”
Kim Hubbard


“One in seven Americans lives without health insurance, and that’s a truly staggering figure.”
 John M. McHugh


“Insurance companies sell what might happen tomorrow. Historians sell what certainly happened yesterday.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Quotes About Insurance

“Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I’m not selling insurance.”
Dennis Kucinich

“Insurance is important in business. It just makes sense that we share risk for low probability high impact events.”
Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr


Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it.
William Penn

Quotes About Insurance

“Hurricane Ian revealed the majority of affected Americans were so poor they could not afford to purchase home insurance!”
Steven Magee


If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.
Suze Orman


I have nightmares that I’m going to wake up, and everyone’s driving a Prius and living in a condo, and we’re all getting health insurance.
Kid Rock


As an athlete, I understood the value of my health insurance. I knew that in my profession, injuries were common and could happen at any time.
Magic Johnson


Even if I might say to myself, ‘I don’t need health insurance. I won’t get sick,’ the fact is, as human beings with mortality, we are going to get sick, and it’s unpredictable when.
Neal Katyal

Insurance Quotes 

Insurance – an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table.
Ambrose Bierce

“Getting life insurance is like making a bet you can’t win. If you live, you don’t get the money. If you die, you don’t get to enjoy the money.”
Oliver Gaspirtz


“I don’t want to tell you how much auto insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can say is: when I go, they go too.”
Terry Calvert


“I do want a life insurance, but what I need is a heart insurance. Sometimes the heart can break so bad, that all the body breaks too, irreparably.”
Temi O’Sola, Love Opens Your Eyes


Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


“I see the insurance issue, the coverage of people for healthcare in our country as a huge moral issue. The richest country in the world to have 47 million people without health insurance is ridiculous.”
Benjamin Carson


It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label.
Barack Obama


“The way to misuse our possessions is to use them as an insurance against the morrow. Anxiety is always directed to the morrow, whereas goods are in the strictest sense meant to be used only for to-day.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

“I take pride in the fact that I work in this industry and whenever I am asked what I do, I simply say that, I am paid to do good. I feel every individual considering a career in insurance must take cognizance of this great social responsibility as this profoundly sets aside insurance as a profession.”
Tapan Singhel


“The terms of the insurance contract and insurance policy must be within the precincts of law and not in contravention of any prevailing law or the even the principles of justice, equity, good conscience, and public policy.”
Henrietta Newton Martin – Legal Counsel & Author- The Handbook of Insurance Law


You cannot drive a system that’s going to be aiming at preventing illness if everyone is not in it. The whole gaming of health insurance and health care in America is based on that fundamental principle: insure people who aren’t sick and you don’t have to pay more money on them.
Mehmet Oz


Unemployment insurance, abolishing child labor, the 40-hour work week, collective bargaining, strong banking regulations, deposit insurance, and job programs that put millions of people to work were all described, in one way or another, as ‘socialist.’ Yet, these programs have become the fabric of our nation and the foundation of the middle class.
Bernie Sanders


“No, I mean I’m sorry that you’ve inherited such a miserable, collapsing Old Country. A place where rich Bankers own everything, where you’ve got to be grateful for a part-time job with no benefits and no retirement plan, where the most health insurance you can afford is being careful and hoping you don’t get sick, where –”
  Cory Doctorow, Homeland


“I have never made much money, but this hasn’t bothered me. I don’t care what I’m paid. I have never had a shared bank account. I do not keep track of how much money is in my bank account. I am not stingy, I admire money well spent. I am not saving for my retirement. I have lived for several years without insurance.”
Édouard Levé, Autoportrait


“I have often witnessed this at hospital billing counters, where salaried or reasonably well to do people typically have a health insurance to take care of their bills, while a common man loses out. In such a pesky situation, these commoners are compelled to either take loans or sell their personal assets to be able to afford a reasonable medical treatment. Lack of home insurance has always been another concern. People lose out on their entire life’s savings when their homes get whisked away due to calamities.”
 Tapan Singhel


“Seeing modern health care from the other side, I can say that it is clearly not set up for the patient. It is frequently a poor arrangement for doctors as well, but that does not mitigate how little the system accounts for the patient’s best interest. Just when you are at your weakest and least able to make all the phone calls, traverse the maze of insurance, and plead for health-care referrals is that one time when you have to — your life may depend on it.”
Ross Donaldson, The Lassa Ward: One Man’s Fight Against One of the World’s Deadliest Diseases


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