Penelope Mordaunt Quotes

Penelope Mordaunt Quotes…Penelope Mary Mordaunt (born 4 March 1973) was appointed Lord President of the Council, and Leader of the House of Commons, on 6 September 2022.

Previously she was Minister of State at the Department for International Trade from 16 September 2021 to 6 September 2022. She was the department’s ministerial disability champion.

Penny has been a Member of Parliament since 2010.

Her previous positions include:

Paymaster General (2020), leading resilience work overhauling how the UK prepares and responds to threats and has bolstered the UKs defensive cyber security

Secretary of State for Defence (2019), the first woman to hold the post

Secretary of State for International Development (2017)

Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work (2016)

Minister for the Armed Forces (2015), the first woman to hold this position

Minister of Local Government (2014)

She is also a former Governor at the World Bank.

Penelope Mordaunt Quotes

Britain is a compassionate nation.


Britain is a development superpower.

Penelope Mordaunt Quotes

There are dangers to riding the tiger of populism.


Simply, diversity of workforce yields diversity of thinking.


Discrimination, hate crime and worse are widespread.


It’s in the nature of defence that you rarely notice it.


Disabled people are the most entrepreneurial on the planet.


To deliver Brexit we need to find a consensus in the party.


When countries are in crisis Britain leads the international response.


I know the majority of the British public wants to help when they see suffering.


 Aid helps create self-sufficient economies and our trading partners of the future.

We must look at all the support a person needs and its timeliness and accessibility.


Nobody wants the armed forces to be somehow above the law, or exempt from it.


The U.K. has led the fight against malaria for a long time, for well over a century in fact.


We should be proud that we are bringing hope around the world in times of dire need.


Our Armed Forces, past and present have already waited too long for us to protect them.

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Modern threats, like terrorism, disease and organised crime have no respect for borders.


Our aid spend is a reflection of us as a big-hearted, open-minded and far-sighted nation.


Equality means allowing people to achieve their full potential – for themselves and for their country.


The personal stories of disabled people suffering injustice, cruelty and ignorance are heart-breaking.


Our quality of life and our way of life is dependent on the Royal Navy and the other Armed Forces.


We must not end up with further division by just reinforcing factions in the party, Parliament or the country.


Every day millions of innocent children around the world experience unimaginable horrors because of war.

We will be a nation that is engaged not isolated, bold not timid. This is the very stuff of what it means to be us.


Protecting the peace of those who have lay their lives on the line for our nation is my personal priority.


It’s manifestly in everyone’s interest if the U.K. leaves the E.U. in an orderly, friendly and constructive way.


Recognising that someone cannot work should not be a license to stop thinking about what support they might need.


Veterans and serving personnel alike have been hounded by processes often not motivated by the pursuit of justice.

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Get things right for disabled people and you get it right for all, for the whole of society. Not just figuratively, but in reality.


Service Personnel and their families no longer should have to endure the stress of pursuing lengthy claims in court.


An approach to foreign aid which is fit for the 21st Century is a win for the developing world, and a win for the U.K. too.


Our armed forces don’t just do something. They are something. They are the embodiment of hope and of our values.


As one of the biggest international donors in the fight against malaria, the U.K. is already playing its part in responding to this challenge.


Our future defence relationship with Europe should be complimentary – and not in competition to – NATO. It must be effective, too.


A thousand years of uninterrupted British sovereignty has taught us one thing. If change isn’t allowed to be a process, it becomes an event.


The simple truth is that unless you can control immigration you cannot govern because you cannot set a budget or plan public services.


 How we Brexit must preserve the opportunities that come from leaving the E.U., such as the benefits of an independent trade policy.


Our defence capabilities are critical to securing our interests and guarding our way of life, and they must be properly funded.


 The British people have a global outlook, they are generous, and when they see suffering and injustice they are motivated to act.

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It is vital that women who have fought to get to the top, lend a hand to women coming after them – sharing their stories and acting as role models.


There are people who are alive because of British aid, people who can walk and see because of our aid, and children who can read and write because of aid.


There are many nations in the world that believe in freedom. Britain and America are two such nations who also believe in freedom’s defence.

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 We must judge our success on more than a person moving off a particular benefit, but rather in the distance they have travelled to meet their own ambitions.


Fighting malaria not only has a positive impact on improving health services in developing countries, it also increases their economic growth and productivity.


Obama confuses collective action and defence through Nato with the integration at all costs and damn the consequences ideology that too often motivates the E.U.


We have always been at our best as a country when we have been a global trading nation and this role offers us the best prospects for growing our future prosperity.


When we hear the word ‘slavery,’ it can be easy to dismiss it as a relic, a crime from the history books, a shameful chapter of our past. But sadly it is very much part of our world today.


We all want to see a world where a preventable and treatable disease no longer takes lives or prevents women and girls from attending school or work because they have to care for ill relatives.


For some, a sense of responsibility towards their constituents prevented them from entertaining no deal, or in some cases any form of Brexit, even as their electorate asked for it.


Because of war millions of children are growing up with high levels of stress and trauma, missing out on school and becoming withdrawn from their friends and families.


If the Royal Navy and wider defence is to deliver on the ambitions of our country, we must tackle the inadequate funding and political thinking that undermine the best armed forces in the world.


Gender diversity brings prosperity – to the country that sees its economy grow, to the business seeking to raise its profits, and to the woman who gets the job her efforts and talents merit.


Our welfare and health services must work for everyone. That means ensuring that all the help and support is wrapped around the person when they need them, not trying to make the person fit the system.


As we have done throughout history, we will remain a country that will speak up for what we believe in, support the international rules-based system and stand up for the free, and fair democratic values.


We’ve seen unscrupulous legal firms racking up legal aid bills for fabricated accusations. And we’ve seen attempts by them to pursue cases that stand no chance of a conviction, putting those accused through hell.


We must harness the energy of the U.K. science and technology sectors, whether in the use of cutting-edge technology to transform the way we do development, in creating drought-resistant seeds to boost food production, or in vaccines to wipe out disease.


 The work we do – the breadth, depth and quality of it, the soft power we wield and the contribution we make to the health, wealth and prosperity of the U.K. and the world – should be a source of uncontroversial national pride.


The Iraq Historic Allegations Team, or IHAT, was established with honourable intentions. But, of the many thousands of allegations put to IHAT, only a small proportion merited full investigation, and only a handful might lead to a prosecution. Some claims were entirely spurious.


 I believe in aid. I believe in the power it has to end disease, hunger and extreme poverty, to build strong economies and to help the world’s most vulnerable people live lives of dignity. Aid also allows us to influence and shape the world around us.


We are not a superpower, but we have a legitimate need to protect and enhance our global interests. It is important that we maintain the independent defence capability to do so. We stand the best chance of doing so outside the E.U.


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