Nicholas Kyrgios Quotes

Nicholas Kyrgios Quotes…
Nicholas Kyrgios ( Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios) ( born 27 April 1995) is an Australian professional tennis player. In singles, Kyrgios’ career-high ATP singles ranking of world No. 13 was achieved on 24 October 2016.[7] He has won six ATP Tour singles titles, including the 2019 Washington Open, and reached ten finals, most notably a major final at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships , and a Masters 1000 final at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

Nicholas Kyrgios Quotes

I am very family-orientated.


I’ve always wanted to play Davis Cup. I love Davis Cup.


I don’t have a coach. I haven’t had a coach for, like, years.


The person I am on the court is not who I am off the court.

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Jordan 1s are my favourite sneaker, and I also love the Jordan Eclipse.


I love just being in Canberra and being with my family, being with my friends.


Tennis is a small window. You’re not going to have unlimited chances, unlimited opportunities. You can’t waste time.


It’s good when you’re out there on a tennis court. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s all you, tactically, physically, mentally.


Just being away from home was the toughest bit. Battling injuries, going to tournaments, and not even playing was tough, but they’re not really big problems.


I was playing basketball at Lifetime Fitness every day for two hours. Like, I played an hour of basketball before I played David Ferrer in the semi-final.


I have ‘Focus’ on my phone, and I watch it every time I have a flight. Best movie ever… it’s because of Margot Robbie, by the way.


For me, it’s an easy way to make money. I’m just hitting a ball over a net. Of course, I’ve grown up with it. It’s a part of me. It’s all I really know how to do.


I don’t have a doubt that if I wanted to win Grand Slams, I would commit. I’d train two times a day. I’d go to the gym every day. I’d stretch. I’d do rehab. I’d eat right.

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I like going out on the practice court and training with my mates. But I don’t know about fully engaging and giving everything to it. It’s just a game. It’s just a sport. It’s such a small part of my life.


I like the uniqueness and creativity you can have on a basketball court; there’s always a different way to score. Obviously, you have teammates, so it’s easier to draw up plays, and tennis, you have your patterns and where you should hit based on percentage.


Q: You were very supportive of [Djokovic] during his dramas at the start of the year. Also you’ve been not so complimentary in the past. Can you talk about your relationship with Novak, respect and whatnot.

NICK KYRGIOS: We definitely have a bit of a bromance now, which is weird. I think everyone knows there was no love lost for a while there. I think it was healthy for the sport. I think every time we played each other, there was hype around it. It was interesting for the media, the people watching, all that…

I felt like I was almost the [only] player to stand up for him with all that drama at the Australian Open. I feel like that’s where respect is kind of earned. Not on the tennis court, but I feel like when a real life crisis is happening and someone stands up for you…

We actually message each other on DMs in Instagram now and stuff. It’s real weird! Actually, earlier in the week, he was like, ‘Hopefully I’ll see you Sunday.’

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