Nhs Birthday Quotes and Messages

Nhs Birthday Quotes and Messages.

On the 5th July 1948 an historic moment occurred in British history, a culmination of a bold and pioneering plan to make healthcare no longer exclusive to those who could afford it but to make it accessible to everyone. The NHS was born.

The National Health Service, abbreviated to NHS, was launched by the then Minister of Health in Attlee’s post-war government, Aneurin Bevan, at the Park Hospital in Manchester. The motivation to provide a good, strong and reliable healthcare to all was finally taking its first tentative steps.

The creation of the NHS in 1948 was the product of years of hard work and a motivation from various figures who felt the current healthcare system was insufficient and needed to be revolutionised.

The NHS is the publicly funded national healthcare system in the UK and provides a comprehensive service, available to all irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

The NHS stands for the National Health Service.  It refers to the Government-funded medical and health care services that everyone living in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service. These services include:

Visiting a doctor or a nurse at a doctor’s surgery

Getting help and treatment at a hospital if you are unwell or injured

Seeing a midwife if you are pregnant

Getting urgent help from healthcare professionals working in the ambulance services if you have serious or life-threatening injuries or health problems – this might include being transported to hospital

Nhs Birthday Quotes and Messages 2023

Nhs Birthday Quotes and Messages

Thank you NHS… I am proud to work for you


Happy 74th Birthday to our amazing NHS from everyone


On behalf of all Londoners, I thank everybody who works for this incredible service.


Happy 74thbirthday NHS,  Your selfless, kind and empathetic nature is the reason why so many of us are able to be here today


As we look back at 150 years of the British Red Cross, we’re proud that the NHS has been, and will always be, part of our story.


“The essence of a satisfactory health service is that the rich and the poor are treated alike, that poverty is not a disability, and wealth is not advantaged.”  – Nye Bevan.

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Happy Birthday NHSuk. Party popper You’ve given so much over the last 75 years and you’ve never been more needed than you are today.


There are 65,000 Indian origin doctors working in National Health Service (NHS) England, around 70% of whom are trained in India. Our gratitude to them and all medical workers for their unflinching commitment in such challenging times.

Happy Birthday to the NHS, founded on this day in 1948 – making me an early NHS baby. They also helped save my life when I contracted TB in the late 60s. May God protect her and all who give their service at every level. Truly the pride of Britain.(Yusuf Cat Stevens)


Today the NHS turns 75.

Let’s all thank the care workers, doctors, nurses, NHS staff and key workers who put themselves on the line to protect us all.

And let’s all step up the fight to protect  Our NHS – it’s time to end privatisation, staff shortages and under-funding.


75 years ago, our National Health Service was established – public and free at the point of use.

Today, hundreds of NHS staff have lost their lives to keep us safe during this pandemic.

We must remember them and fight for the safety of NHS workers.


Happy 75thBirthday to our NHS! Partying face Party popper

Today, we’re celebrating 75 years of the NHS, and we’re also taking the chance to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us respond to coronavirus — our amazing staff, key workers, and the public. Blue heart


No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of a lack of means” – Anuerin “Nye” Bevan (founder of the NHS). A very happy 75th birthday to THE best institution in Great Britain and one we should all be fiercely proud of.

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