National Dictionary Day Quotes and Messages

National Dictionary Day Quotes and Messages…
National Dictionary Day on October 16th defines celebration as it commemorates the birthday of Noah Webster. .. Every year the world celebrates Dictionary Day on October 16th.  This day brings our focus on dictionary and its importance. Take this day as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the English language and the study of the dictionary. There are thousands of obscure and wonderful words you may want to acquaint yourself with.

National Dictionary Day Quotes and Messages…
National Dictionary Day Quotes

 “I’ve always been in love with language. My favorite book is a dictionary. I have always loved words.”—Denis Villeneuve

Dictionaries are the record of how people are already using the language, not providers of words for us to start using. Gretchen McCulloch

At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

National Dictionary Day  Messages

Happy National Dictionary Day!

Words are just a set of alphabets until we know the meaning behind them…. Warm wishes on Dictionary Day to you.

On the occasion of Dictionary Day, let us thank Noah Webster for bringing the dictionary into our lives to make things so much simpler.

Let us celebrate the power of dictionary because it not only helps us find words but also their meanings…. Warm wishes on Dictionary Day.

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Dictionaries are like true friends because they never disappoint you when you are looking for meaning…. Wishing you a very Happy Dictionary Day.

No matter what age you are, no matter what profession you are into, dictionaries are something we all need on our shelves…. Happy Dictionary Day.

Just like life without meaning is nothing, words are also nothing without their meanings…. On the occasion of Dictionary Day, let us celebrate the goodness of dictionaries.

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The occasion of Dictionary Day always reminds us how important dictionaries are for us and we must always be thankful to the people who gave us this word power…. Happy Dictionary Day.

 Wishing you a very Happy Dictionary Day…. This unique day is just a reminder to each one of us that we must always thank our dictionaries for helping us learn new words.

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