Motivational Quotes for NEET Exam

Motivational Quotes for NEET Exam Preparation

I was born to save lives.


Make your dream your reality.


My favourite necklace is my stethoscope.


Nothing can inspire you more than your dreams.


My stethoscope is my one and only jewellery.


Hard work is the one and only recipe for success.


 I have a dream, which worths more than my sleep.


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


Exellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. Ralph Harston


Not all angels have wings, some have stethoscopes.


It’s time to be serious so stop saying and start doing.


You get what you focus on. So focus on what you want.


“I did it” sounds much better than “I could’ve done that”.


Ask yourself on a daily basis “How badly do you want it?”


 The key to success is to focus on Goals, Not Obstacles.


The best preparation of tomorrow is doing your best today.


In order to become the 1% you must do what the other 99% won’t.


Helping other people in their most vulnerable times is a privilege.


Keep working hard, until the day you can finally say “scalpel please”.


When you’re losing motivation, just remember how amazing you’ll look in the white coat.


If you don’t sacrifice what you’ve always wanted, what you’ve always wanted will become the sacrifice.


If you’re not ready to put in efforts, no one can help you. But if you’re determined to put in efforts, no one can stop you.


Stop worrying and start doing your best to show them that you know everything! You are prepared for this exam, no need to be scared. I believe in you and your knowledge. Good luck, buddy!


Motivational Quotes for NEET Exam in Hindi

लोग परछाई बनकर खुश है मै तो Doctor
बनकर अपनी पहचान बनाना चाहता हूँ ।
log parchai bankar khush hai
me to Doctor bankar apni pehchan
banana chahta hun..


जब तुम Doctor कार से चलोगे तो
तुम्हारी degree और marks
कोई नहीं पूछेगा लेकिन तुम्हारे दिमाग
और मेहनत की तारीफ सभी करेंगे.

Jab tum Doctor car se chaloge
to tumhari Degree aur marks
koi nahi puchega lekin tumhare
dimag aur mehnat ki tarif sabhi


जब सो रहे होंगे सब तब भी तुझको जाग कर
पढ़ना ही होगा बड़ा सपना तूने देखा है उसे
पूरा करने के लिए तुझे दिन रत खुद से लड़ना ही होगा।

jab so rahe honge sab tab tujhko jag
kar padna hi hoga bada sapna tune
dekha hai use pura karne ke liye tujhe
din rat khus se ladna hi hoga.


जिंदगी में कठिनाइयां आयें तो उदास ना होना
क्यूंकि कठिन रोल अच्छे एक्टर को ही दिए जाते हैं.
Zindagi me kathinaiyan aaye to udas
na hona kyuki kathin rol ache actor ko
hi diye jate hai.

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