International Miner’s Day Messages

International Miner’s Day Messages…
December 4 celebrated as international Miner’s Day. Around the world, many miners celebrate December 4 as Miners Day and commemorate their patron saint, St. Barbara, requesting her continuing protection for their daily work.

On the occasion of 4th of December World Miners Day, we are celebrating our miners’ who bring out value from underground to earth. Happy World Miners’ Day.

Celebrating our miners’ 4th of December World Miners Day who bring out value from underground to earth.

International Miner’s Day Messages

Happy International Miner’s Day!


Happy 4th of December World Miners Day.

International Miner’s Day Messages

Honoring each and every miner; past, present and future…


We celebrate the great minds that continue to build this nation

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Thanking all our mining friends, family and partners for everything that you do!


We celebrate the international Miners’ day of our miners, symbol of labor and sweat.

We wish to remember all the miners who enlighten darkness with their labour today!


Salute to the will and might of the hardworking mining heroes who put their lives at risk for us to live well.


Today we celebrate and recognize those who take part in this dangerous profession, to help our lives be comfortable and full of conveniences. Thank you for all that you do


Today is International Miner’s Day, where miners of past, present and future are honoured across the globe for their work in challenging conditions, including those lost as a result of black lung disease

World Miner´s Day – A day of reflection in the mining industry! We honor the accomplishments and remember the tragedies that these hard working individuals experience in one of the most dangerous jobs.


People are at the heart of our business. Today is International Miners Day and we are celebrating all those who combine integrity, creativity and innovation to better connect the resources in the ground to the people who need and value them.

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