International Customs Day Messages

International Customs Day Messages…
International Customs Day (ICD) is commended on 26th of January consistently by World Customs Organization (WCO). WCO, an association framed in 1952 as a self-ruling body to improve customs organization everywhere throughout the world.

Its first recognition was done in 1953 as its debut session. Around then just 17 nations went to the session and by today this number has been expanded to 182 nations as its individuals, which is around 98% of the world exchange.

The establishment of the Customs Co-operation Council was commemorated on the 15th of December in the year 1950</strong> in the Belgian capital of Brussels. However, it entered into effect two years later, on the 4th of November in the year 1952, and was formally launched on the 26th of January in the year 1953, with the participation of delegates from a variety of different nations on the occasion. Since its establishment as a World Customs Organization in 1994, it has grown into a worldwide intergovernmental organisation.

ICD is praised each year to honor this first official gathering of Customs Cooperation Council (CCC)

International customs day is celebrated every year using different themes to focus on a particular event.

International customs day 2024 will be celebrated on the 26th of January, on Friday.

International Customs Day Messages

This special day recognizes the efforts of all the custom officials who are responsible for maintaining the border security. 

Warm wishes on the occasion of World Custom Day. A strong custom makes a nation much stronger in so many ways.

Custom officials are the ones who protect the entry point of a country. Wishing a very Happy World Custom Day.

Wishing a very Happy International Customs Day to you. We are extremely thankful to you for protecting our nation day and night.

International Customs Day Messages

International Customs Day Messages

Had you all not been there, our country would not have been safe from various unpredicted threats. A very Happy International Customs Day.

No country is safe if they don’t have a strong and responsible custom department. Thanking them all on the occasion of International Customs Day.

Let us celebrate the occasion of World Custom Day by thanking all the custom officials for the good job they are doing. Happy World Custom Day.

The occasion of World Custom Day is a celebration of the dedicated work out custom officials are doing. Warm greetings on World Custom Day to them.

We may not know but customs play a significant role in protecting a country in so many ways. A big thanks to the custom officials on International Customs Day.

The occasion of International Customs Day reminds us all that we are protected as a country not just by soldiers at the border but also by the custom officials.

On the occasion of International Customs Day, we extend a big thanks to the custom agencies who have been doing their duties with their heart and soul.

They are there fulfilling all their duties and responsibilities day and night so that we are under protection. Warm greetings on International Customs Day to our custom officials.

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