Happy Birthday Lionel Messi

The Barcelona star Lionel Messi, who is regarded by the football world as the best player ever, has turned 33 on Wednesday.  Here is a compilation of some pronounced quotes about Lionel Messi. 


Happy Birthday Lionel Messi


Happy birthday magician Messi

Lionel Messi

Happy birthday to the best in history


Happy Birthday king of football Leo Messi


Happy birthday to the greatest of all times


Wishing very happy birthday to the greatest of all time

Lionel Messi

Happy birthday to Messi, the greatest to ever try kicking a ball.


Happy birthday to the greatest player of all time.The king of football


Happy Birthday Messi . You are the Legend of football and favourite of all


Happy birthday meastro words are just nothing to express how you create magic with ball

Lionel Messi

Happy Birthday to the greatest footballer ever in the world.

The records speak for him.


Thank you for making this beautiful game even better !

Happy birthday legend


Happy 33rd birthday Leo Messi

May God grant you many more years of success.


Happy Birthday Man.Keep bringing the same magic for many more years


Happy Birthday Leo Messi. The Greatest Dribbler No One Comes Close To Your Genius.


From a kid with Growth hormone deficiency to the greatest player to ever play soccer….

Happy Birthday to the Real G.O.A.T


Happy birthday Lionel Messi.Thanks for being consistent and always delivering. Thanks for not leaving barca


Happy birthday to the Greatest Footballer that ever kicked the ball

So happy to Be alive to watch him play


On this day, in 1987 the world was given a gift. Happy birthday to the greatest ever to touch a ball. Without you football would have been just a another sports.


To the boy who gave football its true meaning.

To the man who made match days worth looking forward to.

To the captain who led from the front & set an example.

To the G.O.A.T… We wish you a Happy Birthday!

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