Gas Station Quotes

Gas Station Quotes

Someone tried to save my soul in a gas station. Orlando Bloom

Whether I’m at the gas station or I be at the store, I be there by myself. I be regular. Lil Baby

  My wife always complains that I dont take her anywhere expensive… so I took her to the Gas Station. Unknown

I go to church every Sunday, which is like going to the gas station once a week and really, really filling up. Anne Lamott

Gas Station

Gas stations are considering hiring security guards. Why are they getting security guards? We’re the ones getting robbed.
Jay Leno

If I rob a gas station, I’m going to get 15 years. If I steal $400 million on Wall Street, I start plea-bargaining.
Powers Boothe

Every new discovery in science brings with it a host of new problems, just as the invention of the automobile brought with it gas stations, roads, garages, mechanics, and a thousand other subsidiary details.
Banesh Hoffmann

Gas Station

I feel like we have to keep our eyes on the road. Being nostalgic is like taking an offramp and getting a sandwich – and then you get back on the highway. I don’t want to be spending the rest of my life at the gas station.
Eddie Vedder

I started out printing silk screen t-shirts. I sold ink pens. I worked construction. I worked at a gas station. I pumped gas. I was a mechanic for a little bit. I went into sewers, down into sewer lines. I had a lot of somewhat unpleasant gigs for a time there.
Johnny Depp

I lived for two years in an abandoned gas station with no running water and no electricity after my parents got divorced and my stepdad couldn’t get a job. So I think a lot about families like mine who were middle class and struggled. So that experience really drives my philosophy.
Kyrsten Sinema

I loved growing up in a little town. I loved knowing people. I loved going to the store and running into people. I loved going into the store and having forgotten my bag, saying, ‘Charge it, put it on my bill.’ I loved going to the gas station and saying, ‘Pete, fill it up.’ I loved that continuity of life.
Sissy Spacek

The only other thing I can really remember wanting to do besides acting was a gas station attendant. At the time, that seemed like a great job – wash the windows, pump the gas – it looks so cool coming home with black hands. There’s a natural transition, from wanting to be a gas station attendant to being an actor, right?
Daniel Stern

My friends seem to think that an hour and a half effort a day is all they need to bring to the altar to make things work for them. I couldn’t do that. I thought that if you didn’t work at least as hard as the guy who runs a gas station, then you had no right to hope for achievement. You certainly had to work all day, every day. Thomas McGuane

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