Angus Cloud Quotes

Angus Cloud Quotes…
Conor Angus Cloud Hickey (July 10, 1998 – July 31, 2023) was an American actor best known for his portrayal of Fezco in the HBO television series Euphoria.He had small roles in the independent films North Hollywood (2021) and The Line (2023)

Angus Cloud was born in Oakland, California, on July 10, 1998; however, the majority of his family resided in Ireland. Cloud was the eldest of his siblings; he had younger twin sisters.  He attended the School of Production Design at Oakland School for the Arts, where he was a classmate of his Euphoria co-star Zendaya.

Cloud revealed in an interview with Variety in August 2022 that he suffered “minor brain damage” from a serious fall when he was a teenager. The injury resulted in a scar on the right side of his head.

Cloud did not have any previous acting experience before landing Euphoria. In fact, in 2018, he was scouted on the streets of New York City by a casting agent for his role of Fez. At first, he was hesitant about the scouter, thinking she was scamming him, but eventually, he gave it a shot. In doing so, he auditioned for the part, which he ended up landing. To give his natural talent a boost, management then set him up with acting classes. Cloud attended the Oakland School for the Arts in the School of Production Design. He majored in technical theater.

Angus Cloud Quotes

Cloud’s family :

“It is with the heaviest heart that we had to say goodbye to an incredible human today. As an artist, a friend, a brother and a son, Angus was special to all of us in so many ways,” a statement to TMZ read. “Last week he buried his father and intensely struggled with this loss. The only comfort we have is knowing Angus is now reunited with his dad, who was his best friend.”


Stay in school. Don’t do drugs.


“Don’t shoot! It’s a f–king kid.” — Fezco


“I don’t take nothin’ a drug addict says personally. ‘Cause I don’t believe nothin’ a drug addict say.” Fezco

Angus Cloud Quotes

“Everybody gets their feelings hurt. Some people need to get their feelings hurt sometimes.” Fezco


“I don’t know what type of fucked up shit you got going inside your head. I don’t know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug shit, it’s not the answer.”


 “I won’t tell people if they asked me – if you was gonna ask me when my birthday was, I won’t tell you because I don’t want people to try to judge me off that.”

“I’d rather people didn’t recognize me. I’m not mad at them because they do, but I’d rather they didn’t. I just want to have regular interactions with people. I don’t want to be treated special.”


My Day With Angus Cloud: The ‘Euphoria’ Star Was Widely Loved, but Misunderstood


Case in point, when he sat down with InStyle and he was asked: “What is a hill that you’re willing to die on?”
Angus took the question very, very literally, and responded: “There’s a hill by my house that I would chill on all the time. It’s actually in a cemetery. I used to post up there so if I die on that hill you can just bury me right there.”

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