10 November Ataturk Memorial Day Quotes and Messages

10 November Ataturk Memorial Day Quotes and Messages…
Ataturk Memorial Day. Turkey is commemorating Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Founder of Republic of Turkey, who passed away 85 years ago. Today commemoration ceremonies are taking place throughout Turkey and in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. .

We commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey who took the hand of a nation suffering in poverty and deprivation,  he made and presented Republic, the most precious gift, to the country, on the 85th anniversary of his death.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal, who passed away on November 10, 1938 at five past nine o’clock, continues to live and be kept alive spiritually through the poems, anthems, flags, national days, revolutions and at the very heart of the Republic.

Atatürk died at 9:05 on November 10, 1938 — and every year, all of Turkey observes a moment of silence at 9:05 on that day to honor the man regarded as the greatest Turk.

The Dolmabahçe palace is closed for general visits on Nov. 10, but only room number 71 – where Atatürk died – can be seen by visitors on the day.

The palace was visited by 80,000 local and foreign visitors on Nov. 10 of last year, and this year the number is expected to exceed 100,000.

Dolmabahçe Palace has a great importance as it is the place where Atatürk made his first speech in Istanbul, where he died and where his funeral was held.

The Turkish leader died at the age of 57 from health problems at Dolmabahçe Palace. Every year on this date, flags fly at half-mast.

All around the country, people stop in the streets or stand silently to observe a minute’s silence at their workplaces to remember the founder of modern Turkey.

May he rest in peace…

10 November Ataturk Memorial Day Quotes and Messages

“You are always in our hearts!”

10 November Ataturk Memorial Day Quotes and Messages

With our deepest respects on Ataturk Memorial Day.

Turkey commemorates the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great leader, commander and founder of the modern Republic of Turkey on November 10.

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On the occasion of 85th anniversary of death of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, I would like commemorate Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades and all heroes of Liberation War with respect and mercy.

Memorial Day of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the founder of modern Turkish Republic, as a reformer, commander, first president and a great headmaster for our young country. After 85 years of his death, no one was able to replace him.


Atatürk Remembrance Day Messages

On November 10, we commemorated with longing and indebtedness the 85th anniversary of the passing of our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who was loved with great sincerity by the public and whose name is always remembered with  respect.

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As an extraordinary soldier, far-sighted statesman and one of the greatest leaders of the world history, Atatürk always had great confidence in Turkish nation and always admired its treasured heritages, which is reflected in his own words quote “my only honorary title and my sole wealth is nothing but being a member of the Turkish Nation and one day my mortal body will turn into dust, however the Turkish Republic will prosper forever.” Commemorate the Father of the Turkish nation, with our heartfelt respect and appreciation.

World Leaders And Press Pay Tribute To Ataturk

He was a great man… a political genius. Excelsior Journal

One of the most talented leaders of the after war period. New York Times

One of the world’s modern, greatest figures. Le Jour-Echo de Paris

Ataturk is an elder and father of the entire Asian continent.Chinese Press

If history had a heart, it surely would be jealous of Mustafa Kemal.Tchang Yang Yee Pan Newspaper, 1958

My sorrow is that, it is no longer possible to fulfill my strong wish to meet this great man.

Franklin D. ROOSEVELT (U.S. President, 10 November 1963)







10 November Ataturk Memorial Day Quotes and Messages in Turkish (10 Kasım Atatürk’ü Anma Mesajları)

From the stage of the world passed one of the most attentive and attractive men of history.

 Chicago Tribune

Atatürk was a head, which waved like a Turkish Flag in the Turkish People’s soul. Daily Telegraph

The greatest leader that the Small Asia has put forward since a century. The Japan Chronicle

He was not only a great man for Turkey, but he was also a great leader for the Eastern People.

Emanullah HAN (Afghan King)

Quotes for Commemoration of Atatürk

The Turks who are the most loyal of all nations, will never forget that Atatürk was a savior of the nation. Noell Roger Journal

No country has reached a strong and speedy modernization movement from the root, as was achieved by the Father of the New Turkey.

Bulgarian Dness Journal

Men like Atatürk are not born for just one generation, nor are they born for just one period. They are persons who will reign during centuries over people with their leadership.

Teheran Journal

Had he not been, modern Turkey wouldn’t have been. Thanks to him, the Turks will follow his extraordinary work and they’ll promote higher their already high honour in the world.

Nya Dagligt Journal

Atatürk was one of the greatest statesman of everyone who has lived and died throughout history. At no time did he dwell on the period in which he lived, he would see the future and accordingly would carry out a task.

 Lord Patrick Kinross

The exploits of your leaders in many a historic field of battle; the progress of your Revolution; the rise and career of the great Ataturk, his revitalization of your nation by his great statesmanship, courage and foresight all these stirring events are well-known to the people of Pakistan.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah (March 4, 1948)

During a conversation with the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Soviet Union, Litvinov, I asked him who was, according to him, the most valuable and remarkable statesman of Europe. He replied that, the most valuable and interesting leader in the world was the President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

 Franklin D. ROOSEVELT (U.S. President, 1928)

He was a soldier-statesman, one of the greatest leaders of our era. He ensured that Turkey got its rightful place among the most advanced nations of the world. He has given to Turks the sense of self-confidence and endurance to the Turks, that forms the foundation stone of a nation’s greatness. I take great pride in being one of Atatürk’s loyal friends.

General Douglas MACARTHUR, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Forces, U.S.A.

We meet genius people very rarely in centuries.  It is so unlucky that, in this century that great genius person belongs to the Turkish Nation.

The centuries rarely produce a genius. Look at this bad luck of ours, that great genius of our era was granted to the Turkish nation.

 Lloyd George, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

 By looking at his piece of work, which is Turkey, one could judge his historical greatness. This true people’s leader and statesman who has united his iron will and zeal, his intelligence seeing the future and his wisdom, has brought a very different soul to the villages of the far and desolate corners of the Anatolian mountains.

Illustrierte Magazine

In connection with the permanent memorial facility for Kemal Atatürk, I take pride in presenting my congratulations to Turkey. Your great country that is advancing on the course that he demonstrated has obtained very significant successes. This ceremony that is being held to commemorate the memory of Atatürk, the architect of progress and Turkish unity, is a very appropriate respect to a person who became a source of inspiration to free peoples throughout the world.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States of America

Kemal Atatürk or Kemal Pasha by which name we knew him in those times, was my hero during my youth. I was very moved when I read about his great reforms. I met with great praise the general efforts made by Atatürk on the course of modernizing Turkey. His dynamism, undauntedness and unawareness of fatigue created a great effect on people. He was one of the builders of the modern age in the orient. I continue to be among his greatest admirers.

Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India

 Fifty years before this we heard the name of Mustafa Kemal as a distinguished Turkish Commander. Later, with the establishment of peace, he got the opportunity to put forth his characteristics as a statesman and as one of the great national leaders, he gained one of the most eminent ranks in history. We remember that courageous and heroic soldier with respect and that statesman, the true father of modern Turkey with praise and gratitude.

Sir Alexander Douglas-Home, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The name of Atatürk reminds mankind of the historical accomplishments of one of the greatest men of this century: His leadership gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world, and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example can not be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic, and ever since then Atatürk’s and Turkey’s broad and deep reforms undertaken, as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.

John F. KENNEDY, President of the United States of America

Washington D.C., November 10, 1963 on the 25th Commemoration of Ataturk’s death

 The death of Atatürk, who saved Turkey during the war and revived the Turkish nation, is not only a loss for his country, but it is also a great loss for Europe. The sincere tears that people from all classes have shed, are nothing more then the true reflection of this great man – the Father of the modern Turkey.

The sincere tears shed after him by all classes of people is nothing other than an appropriate manifestation to this great hero and modern Turkey’s Ata.

Winston CHURCHILL, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1938)

In order to show a part of Kemal Atatürk’s character, I want to make a point. He was relating one of his wars. Suddenly he stopped: you see, he said: I’ve won many victories. But even after the greatest of them each night, I feel a deep sorrow inside of me by thinking about all the soldiers who died in the battlefield. Could one be amazed about the chief who has created miracles to his country, other then his courage and intelligence, to have such a great heart?

George BENNES – Vu Journal (1938)

I am the child of a generation that knows closely Turkish-German friendship. At an early age I saw a man’s heroism’s, the services he carried out and the self-sacrifices he undertook for his country. This man was Mustafa Kemal. Today I comprehend even better that this person was a great statesman. He was great, because he used all his courage for his nation, his country to save his homeland at an unlucky moment. He was great, because he directed his nation towards the absolute necessity of adjusting them to the necessities of history. He was great, because he always knew how to defend suitable limits and he did not go beyond the limits that would put his work into danger. Courageousness and his own courageousness was intelligent enough as well to be able to draw the limits.

Kurt G. Kiesinger, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany

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